What are we doing?

CIfA Conference 2018

We are planning to have a presence at CIfA conference 2018. Watch this space for more details. 


Public Archaeology Twitter Conference (#PATC) 2017

Equality and Diversity committee member Cath Poucher (@CathPoucher) took place in the first ever #PATC last week. This event was run by Lorna Richardson (@lornarichardson) and was based on similar conferences but was the first of it’s kind within archaeology.

Find our collection of Cath’s Tweets by clicking on this link. 


Fawcett Society Blogs

Recently Equality and Diversity Group committee member Joe Flatman published two blogs for the Fawcett Society.

The first was entitled ‘Why I signed my daughter up to the Fawcett Society on Trump’s inauguration day’

Find this blog by clicking this link.

The second was entitled ‘Archaeology in the 21st century must tackle sexual harassment and lack of diversity- here’s how’

Find this blog by clicking this link. 

The Fawcett society is a great institution and they have a fantastic collection of blogs and other resources on their website.

Please find other blog by clicking this link.

You may be interested in this link to a blog on Northern Powerhouse, please click here to read. 


CIfA 2017 Conference

We are supported Theresa O’Mahony and Victoria Reid in their session about making archaeology accessible for all and whether we, as a profession, are doing this well enough.

Please find more details about the session by clicking on the link below.

CIfA 2017 – Videos and Blogs

Other things from CIfA 2017

You may have heard of or seen the Twitter storm over the ‘manel’ at the CIfA conference ethics session.

You can find our response to this by clicking here. 


TrowelBlazers – Raising Horizons

The Equality and Diversity Group are supporting TrowelBlazers as they put together their exciting exhibition ‘Raising Horizons’.

More details on TrowelBlazers can be found by following this link (link opens in a new tab).

TrowelBlazers are hoping to present their exhibition at the 2017 CIfA conference in Newcastle. We are looking forward to it and hope you will be too! You can also find TrowelBlazers on Twitter and Facebook.

CIfA Conference 2016 – Leicester

In April of 2016 the Equality and Diversity Group held our first ever workshop session at the 2016 CIfA conference in Leicester.

Our session was called ‘Equality in Context’. It was an amazing day and the turn out and reactions were amazing both in the room and on social media.

We would like to thank everyone who took part on the day in whatever form, you were all incredible and blew us away with your positivity. Thank you also to those who are still discussing the session on Twitter, please keep it up and always contact us if you have anything more to say.

We are now in the process of bringing together all of the outcomes and themes from the session and the conference in general. So look out for your Tweets or your point appearing in our round up of the session and thoughts about how your discussion will feed into our action plan.

Many thanks again and please keep checking back to see how we are getting along.

Please find the outline of our session by following this link ((link opens in a new tab).

Please see our Storify of the day by following this link (link opens in a new tab).

Results of the session

Please find the ‘Phase One’ write up of the results of the conference session by following this link (link opens in a new tab).

The ‘Phase One’ analyisis of the session provides the collation and preliminary analyis of overall themes whch we picked out from the session. In the ‘Phase Two’ write up we hope to build on these themes and provide approaches to adressing some of the issues raised. We hope this analysis will commense soon, so please keep checking back with us to see how this develops.


Guidelines for accessibility

We are currently working on a set of guidelines for accessibility in print and web formats. We hope to be able to present them to you soon through our site and the CIfA.

Check out our latest news-update by following this link or read it and loads more on our Blog!

Read our action plan by following this link.

Find our minutes and group documents area by following this link.

Find out more about us by following this link

Find out what we have been doing by following this link