Useful advice and links

Government advice and legislation

The UK government offers a wider range of advice on publications and how to follow relevant legislation on the .Gov website. The links below connect to some of this advice which we hope will be useful.

Guidance on accessible communication formats

Disability rights

Discrimination: Your rights

Guidance: 2010 Equality Act

Disability and Discrimination Act 1995

The link below give a good overview of the legislation in Scotland.

Scottish governments equality and rights policies


CIfA Standards and Guidance

The CIfAs own standards and guidance contains many policies related to equality and diversity issues and these can be found by following the link below.

CIfA – Standards and Guidance



Prospect work closely with the CIfA and with the Equality and Diversity Group and offer a comprehensive set of advice and guidance for employers and employees alike through their website.

Prospect -Equalities website


Other Organisations

In addition, their are many other organisations and groups who can offer advice on the state of legislation in the UK and guidance on how this applies to your rights.

British Dyslexia Association advice

Citizens Advice Bureau 

acas advice and guidance

W3C set the standards for web accessibility in many countries and their standards and advice can be found through the link below.

W3C  Guidance


Tools and Tool-kits

Some organisations offer tool-kits to help you set up your equality and diversity page or guidance.

STEM – Equality and diversity tool-kit

WAVE – Website accessibility checker 

AbilityNet – Advice and guidance