The Equality and Diversity group hope to provide a library of resources to help you with your needs whatever they may be. We hope to begin developing this library very soon so please keep dropping by and giving your feedback on our site so we can achieve the best possible results for you.

Link of the month:

Thinking about the language we use is important in everyday life and we have had the help of our friends from Enabled to create this short piece about how language can empower or disenfranchise people within our community.

Please click here to find the language document.

Bullying and Harassment

Please click here to find our advice on bullying and harassment.

Equality and Diversity Group grievances and tribunals advice page

Please find our full list of available advice on grievances and tribunals by following this link to our grievances and tribunals advice page.

Useful advice and links page

Please follow this link to find resources which may be useful or interesting to you.  

Resources on alcoholism

Please follow this link to find help and advice on how to identify and offer support to those who may be suffering from dependency. 

Accessibility help and advice

Find a useful document of making fieldwork accessible by following this link 

Resources for employers and employees regarding disability in the workplace

Other Useful Websites

National awareness days website

Former ‘Links of the Month’

Please click here to find our former links of the month