Proposed Organisation/Sector Actions – Now

Training, Training, Training!

  • Organisations to provide training for management-grade staff on what to do when sexism is reported.
  • Provide mental health workplace training, not just ‘first aid’ workplace training.
  • Provide disability awareness training.

Think Carefully

  • Don’t make the possession of a driving licence an essential criterion in job descriptions – lots of people for lots of reasons are unable or unwilling to drive.


  • Organisations need to understand that the individual knows their disability/abilities, and that organisations need to stop making blanket assumptions about individuals.


  • Bullying and harassment briefings for all workers, and ensure that they are reporting (inc whistle-blowing) lines of communication in place outside of the immediate management chain.
  • Communicate clearly that structures are in place to deal with workplace discrimination.

Assess and Compare

  • Organisations to assess their own equality and diversity provision and workforce diversity and see how this compare to other organisations and [inter-]national averages.

Take Action!

  • Challenge terms/language used by colleagues towards female colleagues in positions of authority through active training by employers.