Proposed Individual Actions – Table discussions


  • Zero tolerance to sexism and discrimination – Actively challenge situations when they arise at once
  • Considerable personal responsibility to challenge discriminatory behaviour.
  • Challenge and don’t engage in ‘machismo’, bragging, etc., especially personal pride in low-level injuries, ‘war stories’, etc.


  • Ensure the debate continues beyond the scope of the workshop, which is a specific place and time set for discussing these issues. The debate needs to become enshrined in normal working practice.
  • A responsibility to self-educate, particularly where we want to challenge inequalities or discrimination against others and may not fully understand the complexity of those issues.
  • Open dialogue with equality and diversity organisations, groups and individuals if you’re unsure of something – don’t just try to bluff your way or assume common approaches.

Share and speak out

  • Have the confidence to ‘name and shame’ where discrimination is institutionalised within an organisation. This crosses all three areas of responsibility given that it is reliant on a support structure for ‘whistle-blowers’ and a confidence in the robustness of that structure.

Offer support

  • Support from those who may not experience any or as much direct discrimination. Picking up on Alan’s point about ‘straight allies’.
  • Give time to support the issues of equality and diversity.
  • Realise that your own experience is not necessarily that of others – show empathy (e.g. the ‘I’ve never experienced harassment’ problem)
  • Look out for each other

Be aware and raise awareness

  • Actively avoid biased/loaded language of any kind (is there an online resource for such things already? If not, perhaps we could produce one?)
  • Tea hut banter – need to be aware of potential to offend

Give Credit

  • Credit and congratulate others for their equality and diversity contributions – celebrate and promote!
  • Give recognition to colleagues and helpers


  • Be a clear and demonstrable ally for equality and diversity (especially inside organisations volunteer to be an equality and diversity champion?)