Proposed Individual Actions – Now


  • Challenge sexism and discrimination and actively support colleagues and organising in workplaces, via union reps
  • Challenge negative attitudes and circumstances as they arise – don’t be afraid, be confident
  • Do not facilitate discrimination by allowing it to happen, challenge it


  • Tell stories which aren’t just appealing to the white middle-aged, middle-class male demographic – shout it loud!
  • Pursue mandatory equality and diversity training courses to be implemented at all organisations

Share and speak out

  • Solidarity – if you witness discrimination, speak up!
  • Raising the issue of equality and diversity and calling people out on discrimination – don’t hide
  • Don’t be afraid to ask about disability support

Offer support

  • Don’t snipe at colleagues taking maternity/paternity leave
  • Take direct action: support/nominate women for high-profile roles, memberships, etc.

Be aware and raise awareness

  • Avoid use of language with gender- (or other discriminatory) under or over-tones (e.g. ‘battleaxe’ etc.)
  • Think about the terminology that we (women) use to talk about ourselves and how others talk about us (women)
  • Think – be aware of people around you, no matter whether disabled visually, with a hidden disability, or no disability at all
  • Raise awareness (we are all ignorant of different things)

Give credit

  • Highlight examples of good practice


  • Don’t be an asshole / arsehole