Proposed Equality and Diversity Group Actions – Within a year


  • Identify examples of alternative working practices/contracts and promote them.
  • Further studies and research, long-term studies. Research involving academics, the public, commercial sector etc.

Provide information.

  • Provide a point of contact for issues (of all kinds) where people can bring up problems. Promote this service.

Develop training.

  • Mobile diversity training. Offer something for CIfA Registered Organisations and/or individual members.
  • Development of equality and diversity training packages specific to archaeology.
  • Language checklist to challenge embedded expectations of all.

Develop short term action plan as well as a longer term one.

  • Develop a clear and achievable action plan for short term, as well as long term aspirations.


  • Make sure that where appropriate all CIfA official guidelines and standards are reflecting best/ideal practice.
  • CIfA needs to review its policies/actions and equalities agenda.
  • Apply more pressure to Registered Organisations to communicate policy and practice to staff.
  • CIfA to educate employers about disability and having disabled employees. Start the process within a year but also for the future.