Proposed Equality and Diversity Group Actions – Table discussions


  • What does the ageing UK demographic (and longer working lifespans) mean for archaeology as a profession? Is archaeology a ‘sustainable’ profession in this context, e.g. for diggers in their 60s+

Provide information.

  • Help Registered Organisations provide greater familiarity with disability issues to their staff – including practical examples of success
  • Build online resources on equality and diversity, e.g. on queer archaeology, etc. Should this include a list of prominent ‘out’ LGBTQ+ archaeologists [risk of ghetto-isation and forcibly outing people here]
  • CIfA to act as a repository of good practice, good examples and positive stories.

Pressure CIfA to improve Registered Organisation processes.

  • Ask to see equality and diversity evidence automatically as part of Registered Organisation inspections
  • Bring Registered Organisations to account for their actions
  • Expand Registered Organisation inspections to include equality and diversity issues
  • The institute needs to introduce much greater rigor into its role as the inspectorate for Registered Organisations. The current inspection process provides only the most cursory tests of the presence and enaction of policies, without any detailed discussion with different grades of staff as to the ‘reality’ of normal working practices.

Develop training.

  • Provide touring equality and diversity workshops to Registered Organisations, universities, etc.
  • Provision of equality and diversity training
  • Develop training for individuals (accessible) for individuals who don’t work with Registered Organisation’s. Provide proof/accreditation that training has been undertaken

Encourage links between organisations and groups.

  • Contact Stonewall and ask for advice / collaboration specifically on LGBTQ+ issues
  • International equality and diversity link-ups, e.g. with Society for American Archaeology who had a lot on this issue at their recent conference – a real ‘hot’ topic right now with international momentum that we ought to use and build on
  • Link in to Diggers Forum
  • Work with unions (e.g. Prospect)


  • Challenge government cutbacks to disability support in general as part of CIFAs campaigning role
  • Help to mainstream equality and diversity – be a visibly, active, welcoming community and environment (e.g. not so much focus on booze in CIFA conference socialising, etc.)
  • Follow their equality policy and promote equality and diversity
  • There was a lot of discussion under most of these areas about the importance of one-to-one training and experiences as the best way to communicate the experience of discrimination to those who are not actively discriminated against. It was suggested that ‘ambassadors’ and ‘champions’, whether CIfA – based or organisational could be a way to bring this in.
  • Culture changing campaign – inform zero tolerance attitude.

Promote ethics both inside and outside the industry.

  • Help support people with invisible disability, for which it can often be harder to get support than for visible disabilities; include within this the issue of chronic illness, including mental health and undertake long-term monitoring of the latter (e.g. RSI, depression, etc. – work with unions on this too?)
  • Church of England is exempt from equality and diversity legislation but a lot of archaeological / heritage organisations work on Church of England estates (either knowingly when on church land/buildings or unknowingly when on other premises owned by them). Ought CIfA to challenge them on this exemption?
  • Minor changes to supply chain practices and procurements as described by Alan in his paper.
  • Supply chain – Registered Organisation’s must adhere to standards and guidelines and must be held accountable.

Other Points:

  • There needs to be safety when reporting issues and problems without repercussion:
    • Where do they report?
    • Safety for whistle-blowers
    • Impartial group to provide advice and take action – CIfA Equality and Diversity Group?
  • Review of existing policies and guidelines
    • Do they need updating? Not just one line – but whole documents
  • Fairness of CIfA Joining:
    • Does the CIfA joining instruction discriminate?
    • Do we need a person from Equality and Diversity group on the validation committee?
    • Do we need to revise the rules for the validation committee and provide training as appropriate?