Proposed Equality and Diversity Group Actions – Now


  • Research current attitudes towards equality and diversity
  • Survey underlying disability issues in archaeology as a cause of disability, e.g. RSI, back, joint and other injuries, dust inhalation, etc.

Provide information.

  • Diversify archaeology – integrate with bigger cultural issues so that archaeology isn’t about ‘British’ tradition alone
  • Explain equality and diversity legislation in a user-friendly manner – if people know about legislation they are more empowered to act upon it, and if organisations know about legislation they can put into place more robust policies

Pressure CIfA to improve Registered Organisation processes.

  • Ask to see equality and diversity evidence automatically as part of Registered Organisation inspections
  • Registered Organisation inspectors to talk to staff away from managers in order to get a real picture of the experience of life in an Registered Organisation

Promote ethics both inside and outside the industry.

  • Revisit equality and diversity policy of CIfA