Group mission statement

CIfA Equality and Diversity Group Mission Statement


This group provides a direct response to the labour market survey data for archaeology from the last two decades, which demonstrates that the workforce in British archaeology is predominantly white, able-bodied and has notably less women over the age of 40, translating to a lack of women in senior roles. None of these trends correspond with national statistics, in turn suggesting a fundamental need for the profession to address these inequalities. Therefore the group’s core function will be to work with and support CIfA individual members and RAOs to challenge the lack of equality and diversity in the profession. It will undertake this by supporting research to continually assess barriers to equality and diversity within the profession, and by researching, supporting and developing best practice strategies for challenging the inequalities in gender, ethnicity, sexuality and disability that currently exist. Forming partnerships with equality and diversity officers in other key professional bodies and interest groups will also be fundamental to the work of this group.


Working to challenge the lack of equality and diversity in the profession

Responding to CIfA Council on appropriate matters, including consultations

Contributing to the delivery of the CIfA strategic plan

Contributing to delivery of the CIfA Communications and recruitment strategy

Contributing to The Archaeologist, and other publications

Recruitment and retention of members represented by the group area of interest


Developing a detailed understanding of equality and diversity in the profession (NB this should be viewed as a continuous process, building upon existing research, and responding to the effects of changes in legislation, and other socio-economic factors, such as the fluctuation of the economy)

Supporting research to identify and continuously assess barriers to equality and diversity in the profession (See point above – note this is continuous process)

Contributing to the Profession’s understanding and implementation of the Equality Act 2010

Contributing to the creation of a Standard and Guidance document for HR, with a specific focus on Equality and Diversity

Researching, supporting and promoting best practice strategies for challenging inequalities in the profession (for example a scheme comparable to Athena Swan for RAOs, another example is facilitating a women’s mentoring network, a further example would be with regards supporting employers in implementing the recommendations of the 2010 Professional Practice Paper 9 Employing People with Disabilities)

Increase understanding of the role of archaeologists in society among diverse groups and improve our status by working with CIfA members to make the discipline more diverse and therefore more relevant to our diverse society

Supporting and promoting those who demonstrate exemplary practice in equality and diversity in the profession

Form partnerships with other professional bodies and interest groups to enhance equality and diversity and to share best practice examples (e.g. Athena Swan, WISE, Historic England’s social inclusion and diversity adviser, British Women Archaeologists, the Diversity in Heritage Group, Stonewall)

To create and maintain an online repository or hub, coupled with the use of social media, to share and disseminate information, guidance and best practice from across the heritage sector.


Maintain and achieve business plan/ mission statement for group

Production of a newsletter, website and associated social media (such as Twitter, Facebook) promoting group activities, best practice and networking (see above)

Run events and workshops to help promote best practice, to support the CPD of marginalised groups within the profession and to support the implementation of the Equality Act 2010 across the heritage sector.