Committee Meeting Spring 2016

Committee Meeting Spring 2016






Thursday 4th February 2016, 12– 2pm

Highfield House (Conference Room 2), 5 Ridgeway Quinton Expy, Quinton, Birmingham B32 1AF



IN ATTENDANCE: Hannah Cobb (HC) (Chair), Sarah MaClean (SM) (Treasurer), Amanda Feather (AF) (Secretary), Mike Kimber (MK) , Jim Brightman (JB), Emily Plunkett

VIA TELECONFERENCE: Joe Flatman (JF), Cath Poucher (CP), Jen Parker Wooding (JPW) (CIfA rep), Anna Walsh (CIfA rep).


  1. Apologies for absence and confirmation of quoracy

No apologies for absence were received. The meeting was quorate.


  1. To approve the minutes from the last committee meeting

The minutes were approved


  1. Matters Arising

Constitution Wording: This was rejected by the Board. Committee agreed to accept this for now but to review numbers of non-members joining and look at it again at future AGMs.

Communications: ACTION CP: to make a WordPress, EP has launched FB account. ACTION EP:  to send details to JPW to go on welcome to the group

FAME: MK spoke to Nick Sheppard on Monday – this was a very positive conversation and Nick welcomed our engagement and is looking into whether we can speak at Fame conference, 22nd June 2016.

Diggers Forum: JF talked to key members from the group. Points that were raised:

  • How different special interest groups can and should work together.
  • Bullying and harassment – JF and members of DF pointed out that that the two needed separating out as the latter can be related to legal issues. Sexual harassment normally perpetrated by commercial contractors (not archs) and so the question is how we ensure those commercial organisations meet their responsibilities.
  • Training is needed for new supervisors on how to handle managing a confrontational situations – are there comparisons from engineering?
  • Can we persuade CIfA as part of RO assessments to examine whether or not they are asking to see procedures for handling harassment (MK noted that a standard and guidance for HR, that can specify how staff can address those concerns without the need for whilstleblowing, would help address this too).


  1. Groups Forum –HC reported on attendance at the meeting Wednesday 27 January 2016 [see Attachment 1]


  1. Conference

    Promotional material

JPW: Banner and a postcard need to be agreed by the end of this week – to send us models of these. ACTION: EP to take control of this


Group discussed to have a table and display board. The stand will be relatively low impact with an anonymous “share an experience” box with slot in, and board that people can put suggestions on

ACTION: HC to email a rota around for who will stand at the stand when – breaks and lunch time …. Send out to everyone not just committee

Session [CP and SM]

All speakers now confirmed, Alan Greaves LGBT, Alison Atkin and Teresa OMahony doing disability, Doug Rocks McQueen Gender. Intro at the beginning HC, Cath is introducing speakers and chairing, Draw it together section main speaker tbc

ACTION: JPW to check accessibility requirements for speakers

ACTION: SM to send full details, group to identify facilitators

ACTION SM and CP: To provide rest of committee with a draft of the workbook and circulate

ACTION COMMITTEE: To provide further suggestions for the workbook content after draft has been received from SM and CP

ACTION COMMITTEE: To work out who will print work books and where costs will be met if CIfA can’t do this.


  1. Develop 3 Year Action Plan

    1. See Attachment 2


  1. Any other business

    1. Minutes [AF]: Committee agreed to take turns in taking minutes
    2. Trowelblazers [HC] – We have been invited to take part in an event at the University of Reading. ACTION HC: to send details to CIfA when we know more about the event. , EP happy to attend.
    3. June/July advisory council and groups forum [HC]: HC can not attend the Advisory Council meeting on 9th June and may not be able to make Groups Forum in July (date tbc). Committee members happy to go in her stead if available. ACTION HC: Circulate dates of these in an email.
    4. Regularity of meetings [HC]: ACTION COMMITTEE: for next meeting we will begin to firm up when we will be holding our meetings on a more regular basis.


  1. Date of next meeting

Monday 13th June 11.30-2.30: location tbc based on whether Prospect coming. ACTION AF: To see if Prospect E&D rep can come and provide training session.