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The CIfA Equality and Diversity Group spend time each year monitoring our own progress and setting our goals for the future at our committee meetings. These also help us decide how we will react to your concerns. In addition, we attend meetings of the CIfA Groups Forum and other CIfA events so we can report back to you.

All of the minutes for our meetings can be found on our CIfA group page and by following the links below. Our other group documents can also be found at the bottom of this page.

Committee Meetings

2015 October – Annual General Meeting (AGM)

2015 December – Committee meeting

2016 February – Committee meeting

2016 June – Committee meeting and Prospect CPD event

2016 November – Committee meeting 

2017 March – Annual General Meeting (AGM) and CPD event

2017 June – Committee Meeting (Forthcoming)

Other CIfA meetings

2016 January –  Groups Forum

2015 – Meeting of Scottish Women Archaeologists

Group Documents

Equality and Diversity Group – Constitution

Equality and Diversity Group – Mission Statement

Equality and Diversity Group – Action plan

Equality and Diversity Group -3 year plan (Forthcoming)


2016 Summer news-update

2016 Winter news-update

More about us

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