Former Links of the Month

Historic England internships – June/July 2017

Please find this years paid summer BAME internships at Historic England by following the link below.

Please click here for details on the internships.  

In addition, we would like to draw your attention to this latest research from DCMS on engagement and involvement.

Please click here to find the report. 

CIfA 2017 – MANel – April 2017

In light of the recent events at CIfA conference 2017 (See our response here), we thought an appropriate link of the month was this article about Northern Powerhouse:

Please click here to find the article.

This article deals with the the under representation of women at conferences and on panels.

You may be interested in this link to a blog on Northern Powerhouse, please click here to read. 


Mental health awareness. (January 2017)

As we move into January it can be quite common to feel down or like the year ahead is a struggle. MIND have some great resources to help you move through whatever you are facing or simply to beat the winter blues.

Follow this link to find MINDs resources page

They also offer help and advice to those who may be wondering how to help a freind, partner or loved one though a difficult time.


Disability History Month

As this month is Disability History Awareness Month we are highlighting Prospect’s advice on disability in the workplace.

Follow this link to find a huge resource of material. 

Please find our page with further information on Prospect’s and other resources by following this link. 


RICS ‘state of profession’ report.

Recently the Buildings Group pointed out this very interesting and useful document to us at Equality and Diversity. We hope you will find it interesting and useful too!

Follow this link to view the report.

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