CIfA Conference 2017

At CIfA 2017 the CIfA Equality and Diversity Group were proud to have the opportunity to work with Theresa O’Mahony and Victoria Reid in delivering their session:

How are we making archaeology accessible for all and are we doing it well enough?

The session was a huge success and prompted discussion both within the room and beyond it.

You can find the Storify of the session by clicking on the following link: Please click here to view the Storify.

The session began with a presentation by session organiser Theresa O’Manhony. You can find the video of her presentation by clicking on the link below.

Breaking down barriers to inclusion – Theresa O’Mahony

Theresa was followed by the amazing Marloes van der Sommen from the Netherlands. You can find the video of her presentation by clicking the link below.

A global vision on diversity and involvement in archaeology: cultural phenomenon, fad, revenue model or urgent necessity? – Marloes van der Sommen

The final session before lunch was offered by Alex Grassam and Angela Batt of Wessex Archaeology. The paper caused a lot of discussion in the room and the video can be found by following the link below.

From equality and diversity to fairness, inclusion and respect – Alex Grassam and Angela Batt

After lunch, the session was recommenced by session organiser Victoria Reid, of Access to Archaeology, and James Goldsworthy, of Alternative Visions Coaching. Their session was informative and educational and the video can be found by following the link below.

Archaeology and vision impairment – Victoria Reid and James Goldsworthy

The final formal paper of the day was given by Richard Osgood of Operation Nightingale and was a fascinating reminder of the amazing work of Op. Nightingale. The video of the paper can be found by following the link below.

Operation Nightingale – Richard Osgood and Dickie Bennett

Finally, the session was closed by a discussion led by Doug Rocks-Macqueen on the future of accessibility in archaeology.

What a great day!!

What came next?

Following on from the session both Theresa and Marloes have written blogs for the Equality and Diversity Group. Please follow the links below to read them.

Marloes’ Blog

Theresa’s Blog

Thanks to all those who took part in the session and the conference more widely. We hope to see you there again next year!! Take care till then.


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