Bullying resources

The 14-19th of November 2016 was Anti Bullying Week in the UK and we shared some advice on our Twitter on how to cope and what to do if you are experiencing or have witnessed adult bullying. Please see the links below to find this advice and much more to help you or your employees.

Follow this link to find advice on coping with bullying as an adult from Mental Health Support.

Help with identifying adult bullying from NObullying.com

How to stop an adult bully by Good Therapy.org

Acas offer some good advice for employees on how to deal with bullying and harassment at work.

The health and safety executive (HSE) offers some advice on dealing with stress and mental health at work.

Mind offer some advice for employers about making the workplace a mentally healthy place to be. 

Bullying Statistics offer details about the forms adult bullying can take and statistics on the occurrences of adult bullying. 


And remember you are not alone and can reach out to the Equality and Diversity Group at any time if you need support or advice on what to do next.

Find our contact details by following this link.