Accessibility statement

Accessibility Statement PDF


We at the CIfA Equality and Diversity Group are dedicated to achieving the best possible accessibility to our research and content through all media. To achieve this we are committed to conforming to government guidance and guidance set out by AbilityNet.


We will achieve this through providing a website which is easy to read and adaptable to your needs. We will also aim to provide alternatives for all our content in downloadable formats to enable easier access for you. For further details on the specifics of this process please see our accessibility documentation (forthcoming).


Whilst we are moving towards these aims, we can direct you to My Computer My Way, which allows you to change your view of content to suit your needs. You may also like to try Browse Aloud, which provides a text reading service.


We are keen to hear your feedback on our progress towards providing the best accessible content we can; and will aim to respond to all queries with a direct answer as to how we can best address your concerns.


Please contact us through the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) to give your feedback and comments. Please do this through the form below.