2017 March – Group AGM and Mental Health CPD Event



MINUTES – 2017 AGM (Annual Group Meeting)

Tuesday 7th March 2017, 10:45– 11:45am

The Hive, The Butts, Worcester, WR1 3PD


Present: Jim Brightman (Interim Chair – chairing meeting), Amanda Feather (Treasurer), Joe Flatman (on phone), Dr Andrew Hoaen, Sarah MacLean (Secretary – taking minutes), Alison Montgomery, Emily Plunkett (Comms Officer), Cath Poucher (Comms Officer – on phone), Emily Taylor, Anna Welch (CIfA)


1.Apologies for absence and confirmation of quoracy

Apologies from Hannah Cobb and Laura Hampden

The meeting was quorate.

2. To approve the minutes from the last committee meeting

7. Reports on Members Activities
AF asked if we could discuss connecting with the Professional Associations Research Network (PARN) at the next committee meeting in June. Action: Add to June meeting agenda.

Minutes approved. SM

3. Chair’s report – JB


3.a) Yearly focus –

At the last committee meeting in November we discussed the idea of having a yearly focus for the group. This is not aimed at excluding other topics and we will continue to act where appropriate. However we are aware of how needs to be done and a yearly focus would help us to plan our work more effectively. 2017 focus will be Disability/Enabled Archaeology. Our first CPD training of the year is a Mental Health First Aid Course and we are co-organising the ‘How are we making archaeology accessible for all and are we doing it well enough?’ session at this year’s CIfA conference with Theresa O’Mahony and Victoria Reid.  We have set up a working group on this theme also.

3.b) Current Committee –

JB outlined the significant changes occurring. JB will step down as interim chair in May when HC returns from maternity leave. SM has moved from Treasurer to Secretary. AF has moved from Secretary to Treasurer but is now stepping down as Treasurer to be an ordinary committee member. Later in the meeting we will be voting in ET as our new Treasurer and voting in our two co-opted committee members, JF and LH, as full committee members.

3.c)  Meeting update –

JB attended Groups Forum and Advisory Council on behalf of the group.

Discussion at Groups Forum included looking over recent survey results. Numbers show that there is a bias towards males over females in higher grades. The results will be circulated for further discussion. It has been proposed that our yearly focus in 2018 is Gender and these results show the need for this.

Action: Circulate minutes/write-up of Groups Forum. JB

At Advisory Council we found out how our group compares in size to other special interests groups. We are one of the smaller ones. AW reassures that despite our size we are one of the more active ones.

Action: Circulate Advisory Council minutes. JB

4. Secretary’s Report – SM

As of the start of March 2017 we have 121 members. Committee meetings were held in February, June and November 2016. Our next meeting will be in June via teleconference.

The Disability/Enabled Archaeology Working group has been set up and currently has 6 members. We’re working through a range of tasks including web resources and plans to review CIfA guidance on disability and employment. New working group members welcome.

5.  Treasurer’s Report – AF

We have not overspent our yearly budget. Costs have largely been committee travel to attend meetings. We have applied for £800 grant for next year and are currently awaiting confirmation this has been approved.

AF will be handing over Treasurer responsibilities to ET. Both AF and SM have agreed to do a handover with ET to ensure she is up to speed before next meeting.

Action: Handover. AF/SM

AF successfully applied for additional funding for joint Mental Health First Aid Course with the Voluntary and Community Special Interest Group. AF explained that not only can CIfA be applied to for additional funding for events, they can also assist with finding sponsorship.

6. Comms Report – CP & EP

  • Blog post for International Women’s Day has been provided by French version of EveryDigSexism. The blog is in both French and English to make it accessible to wider audience.
  •  Tweets scheduled for International Women’s Day.

Action: All re-tweet/promote tweets. ALL

  • 2 Newsletters since last AGM. Plans to do shorter and more regular news updates after each meeting and major event
  • Social media going very well – now have over 420 Twitter followers. JB fed back from Groups Forum that there had been a discussion about how passive the central CIfA Twitter account is. This is a result of there being no dedicated Comms officer and Twitter being managed by several different staff members as and when other duties allow. Our Twitter feed is seen as active and more engaging.
  • Plans to schedule Trowelblazer related tweets
  • Would like to share some of the facts and figures from recent CIfA Survey.

Action: JB & AW to confirm circulation of figures with CP. JB/AW

  • Facebook page currently inactive but EP plans to reinvigorate it.

Action: EP to revive Facebook presence. EP

  • CIfA website up to date and own website also being kept up to date. Own website includes blogs and resources section. Currently chasing people for guest blogs.
  • Banners & postcards were sorted in time for 2016 CIfA conference. AW reported we are now low on postcards as many were taken at TAG conference in December. EP asked about small amount of redesign to update postcard.

Action: EP & AW to redesign and order postcards before 2017 conference. EP/AW

  • Previously decided to do leaflets but this idea has now been dropped as outdated method of advertising. Instead will produce posters to be displayed in work places and universities.

Action: CP & EP to meet later in March to work on initial poster design. EP/CP

  • JF has provided a guest blog to the Fawcett Society which includes mentions of Equality and Diversity Group
  • The group will be represented at this year’s London Pride march on 8th July. Our logo will be on the official banner for heritage organisations taking part.

CP will write this up as a blog for the website.

7. Activities/CPD update

2017 CIfA Conference

  • Co-running a session on Enabled Archaeology. Speakers come from across the globe. JB unfortunately double booked so SM will step up and help on day
  • We have asked to have a stand at conference – AW confirms that we are likely to get this and it will be placed in area accessible to non-conference members also. We will need a rota for the stand.

Action: SM to organise rota. SM 

Raising Horizons exhibition

  • This is a photographic exhibition celebrating historical female geoscientists. Recently opened at The Geological Society in London but will be going on tour
  • JB is arranging for the exhibition to be at CIfA conference. School of Historical Studies at Newcastle University have agreed to fund it and so it will be located in a widely accessible area (not limited to conference attendees).

Enabled Archaeology Day Conference

  • The Enabled Archaeology session at the CIfA conference was overwhelmed with speakers and so it was decided to look into a whole day conference later in the year
  • EP, JB and SM agreed to take this forward at the committee meeting last November. EP investigated several possible venues but accessibility an issue.
  • We are now looking at running the conference online. AF suggested using webinar service.

8. Election of Committee members

Three people standing for election:

Emily Taylor standing for Treasurer

  • Nominated by Duncan Coe
  • Seconded by Sarah MacLean and Cath Poucher

Joe Flatman standing for Ordinary Member

  • Nominated by Sarah MacLean
  • Seconded by Cath Poucher and Jim Brightman

Laura Hampden standing for Ordinary Member

  • Nominated by Jim Brightman
  • Seconded by Sarah MacLean and Joe Flatman

Number of candidates standing is equal to the number of places available. All are nominated and seconded by current group members. EP moved a motion to block elect the three candidates. AF seconded. All agreed.

ET, JF, and LH were welcomed onto the committee.

9. Review of Action Plan

It was agreed to move discussion of the action plan to the next committee meeting to enable a proper review. It was felt there was not enough time to do this in the AGM. It was also decided that the action plan should be circulated to the entire group and comments sought from them ahead of that meeting.

Action: AW to e-mail group members asking for comments. SM to collate comments ahead of next meeting. AW/SM

10. Any Other Business

Membership fees –

CP asked if there could be more done about high membership fees. Membership of committee limited to full members. CP does not currently work in heritage and therefore fees are not paid by employer. Effectively has to pay to be able to volunteer on the committee. CP unlikely to be alone and high fees can be a barrier to joining CIfA and participating in special interest groups.

Action: JB and CP to discuss situation further and bring initial ideas of how to tackle this to next committee meeting. CP/JB

Thanks – 

AW thanked the committee on behalf of CIfA. We have done a lot and it is felt we are starting to move things forward and helping CIfA with equality and diversity issues. JB thanked AW on behalf of committee.

AF thanked CIfA for funding Mental Health First Aid Workshop and reminded AGM attendees it was starting after lunch. AF also asked if we could continue to attach CPD event to AGM as it seems to work well.

AH thanked committee for our work and appreciated opportunity to see what we were doing.

ET thanked the committee

11. Date of Next Meeting

Next committee meeting – 29 June 2017 via teleconference

Next AGM – January-March 2018 (TBC)