Off to conference we go!

Equality Workshop Outline Word File

Equality and Diversity Banner

Equality and Diversity Banner Image

Description of the image: The image above shows the freshly printed Equality and Diversity Group banner in the CIfA offices. It is bright pink and purple with the group logo at the top and social media links at the bottom. The central image is a ‘word-cloud’ using words related to the groups core message.


Off to conference we go!

We’re off to the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists Conference! The conference is being held on the 20th – 22nd of April 2016 in Leicester, at the University of Leicester. More details on this can be found on the CIfA website. Here’s the link for more details:

2016 CIfA Conference

or you can book tickets through the Eventbrite website link below:

Buy tickets for CIfA 2016 conference

We are holding a workshop on Friday the 22nd of April for the whole day. And we’re super excited! The session is called:

Equality and Diversity in an Archaeological Context

Once you have booked your tickets for the conference you will then need to sign up for the workshop. You can do this using the link in the PDF the CIfA send you, or by following the link on the Eventbrite email. If you want to sign up but are having problems contact the CIfA via email using this address:


Where can you find us?

We will mostly be in the workshop on Friday but if you can’t make Friday, or you have other commitments that day, don’t panic! We will also have a stall in the conference venue which will be manned by our lovely members at all times. We will be easy to spot as we will be next to the huge pink and purple banner! So feel free to come and see us there too 🙂

On the stall will be:

  • Lovely Equality and Diversity Group members.
  • A suggestions board for future actions for the group.
  • An anonymous ‘share and experience’ box, where you can share your experiences with us.
  • Lots of other exciting things…..


So what are we doing at the workshop?

We have put a very exciting day together for you and hope that you will come along and join us there as the session is all about hearing what you think. So come along and get involved!

More details and the full outline will be up on the CIfA website soon either through the conference pages or through our group page, which can be found by following the link below:

Equality and Diversity Group Page

At the top of this blog post there is also a PDF; which you can download, print, or share. This details the full outline of the workshop day. Or visit the conference section of our blog for more CIfA conference workshop details.

Below is an idea of what your day at the workshop will bring:

Equality and Diversity in an Archaeological Context

The workshop will focus on three specific areas; gender, disability and LBGT, before drawing together the themes and identifying ways we can move forward. Each session will start with a short presentation by a passionate advocate or specialist on the topic. This will be followed by round table discussion around a set of questions for 30 minutes before each table feeds back to the room. During the final session, Equality and Diversity in Context, a Q&A session with our speakers and a chance to draw things to a close.

The workshop is very much an opportunity to find out more about these issues, consider how diverse your workplace is and how to encourage that diversity.


Aims of the session:

  • Identify actions that Equality and Diversity Group can take forward,
  • Identify a benchmark – where are we now and how will we establish a baseline to work from?
  • Identify key issues in terms of equality going forward,
  • Equality and Diversity in context: Identify strengths and weaknesses of equality and diversity within archaeology,
  • Identify small-scale actions that individuals can do to affect positive change across the sector.


Session Timetable

9:00 – 10:00 Gender Divides in Archaeology

Speaker: Doug Rocks-McQueen, Landward Research Ltd

This session aims to explore the gender divide within archaeology. Does it exist, in what forms and how do we recognise it?


10:00 – 10:30 & 11:00 – 11:30 Disability in Archaeology

Speaker: Theresa O’Mahony, UCL

This session aims to explore the nature of disability within the sector and the obvious (and less obvious) barriers that exist for those wanting a career in heritage.


11:30 – 12:30 Sexual Orientation in Archaeology

Speaker: Dr Alan Greaves, University of Liverpool

This session aims to explore the nature of LGBT diversity within the heritage sector.


13:30 – 15:00 Equality and Diversity in Context

This session aims to combine thoughts from the previous session, and any other equality and diversity issues that participants want to raise, with the aim at looking at ways forward. A panel of all of our speakers and the chair of the new Equality and Diversity SIG, Dr Hannah Cobb, will be taking questions and drawing the workshop to a close. The new Equality and Diversity Group want to hear from you and ensure their plans reflect the needs and wants of CIfA members.  It is also an opportunity for participants to identify small things they could be doing to encourage diversity within their own workplaces.


Can’t wait to see you all there!