2015 December – Committee meeting




Thursday 3rd December 2015, 11am – 1pm

Historic England Offices, 1 Waterhouse Square, 138 – 142 Holborn, London, EC1N 2ST

IN ATTENDANCE: Hannah Cobb (HC) (Chair), Sarah MaClean (SM) (Treasurer), Amanda Feather (AF) (Secretary), Joe Flatman (JF), Alex Llwellyn (AL) (CIfA rep), Cath Poucher (CP), Jim Brightman (JB), Emily Plunkett Ke Kimber (via teleconference),ulralyondon when possib over budget

and undertaken jointly by CP and EP.(EP).



  1. Apologies for absence and confirmation of quoracy

  • Apologies – Jen Parker Wooding (CIfA), Rosie Sherrington (Adviser), Joanna Dunster (committee member)

  • The meeting was quorate

  1. Briefing from Rosie Sherrington, Social Inclusion and Diversity Advisor, Historic England

  • Moved to next meeting

  1. Minutes from AGM [Attachment 1]

  • AL confirmed these will be agreed at the next AGM

  1. Matters arising from AGM

    1. Report on constitution

  • Key success/action for the group: Wording on paternity now to be added to E&D group constitution and all others across CIfA SIGs.

      1. How do we evaluate the impact of the £10 fee for non-members?

  • Membership figures will be reviewed annually – see wording below.

  • The following wording was agreed and included in the constitution which was sent by HC to the Board for consideration in December 2015.

c) Non-members of the Institute may become members of the Equality and Diversity Group and shall pay a subscription to be determined by the Hon Treasurer of the Institute. However this fee can be waived at the committee’s discretion if it is in the interests of enabling participation by people who would not otherwise be able to join, and the Hon Treasurer of the Institute will be informed of this. Circumstances for the discretionary waiving of fees are:

(i). Prospective member has relevant expertise of value to the group’s aims and objectives.

(ii). Prospective member can demonstrate financial hardship.

(iii). Occasions when, in the committee’s view, waiving the fee would promote equality and diversity within the group (i.e. as part of a considered, proactive, strategic approach to recruiting additional members to encourage a more diverse membership).

[NB: This clause will be reviewed annually at the AGM and will be changed if it is not financially sustainable for the group and/or if it has no bearing on number of non-members of the institute joining the group].

    1. Confirmation of current committee (confirmation of new members, and Rosie Sherrington as Expert Advisor to the Group)

  • New committee members Joe Flatman and Joanna Dunster, and Rosie Sherrington as Expert Advisor to the Group were all agreed by the committee.

  • It was agreed that a role of communications officer would be created and undertaken jointly by CP and EP.

  • Brian Kerr will become an ordinary member of the group.

  • AF reminded the committee that we now have 24 members, plus the 9 committee members showing we are already 33 strong without any promotion of the new group.

    1. To agree on logo colour [Attachment 4],

  • Hot Pink logo agreed

  • Agreed not to have a tag line.

    1. Conference

      1. Stand, banners and advertising of group:

  • AL informed the committee that standard templates and budget would be available for these

  • Committee agreed that in the exhibit area should have a space for us to collect on post-its ideas/issues from delegates for us to take forward.

  • ACTION: Banners and group advertising need to be designed. AL/JPW to advise on the deadline for these and the process for getting them produced.

      1. Conference session report [SM]

  • Cath and Sarah leading – discussion around the need to ensure the session is positive and an opportunity for CIfA delegates to learn about Equality & Diversity issues is included.

  • The committee thanked Sarah and Cath for their work on the programme so far which looks great and is going to be a brilliant opportunity to promote the work of the new group.

  • MK – Keeping it light, networking, and build in clear learning outcomes. Needs to be tightly run and chaired. Needs to be engaging and have positive outcomes. Thought provoking 5% and 95% productive.

  • AF – there needs to be an Introduction, and it needs to be clearly summed up and brought together at the end.

  • ACTION: All committee members to send ideas on the programme for the session and suggestions for contributors to SM and CP

    1. Group online presence

      1. Website set up – who to do what jobs, what to include, timescale?

  • Committee agreed to use Equality & Diversity in full rather than the E&D abbreviation so it is clear what the group is about.

  • CIfA will set up our pages on their website. A wordpress account can be linked to this.

  • It was agreed to get the social media up and running first and then to consider website.

      1. Social media presence – which social media, share out jobs etc

  • It was agreed that a role of communications officer would be created and undertaken jointly by CP and EP. Emily and Cath agreed to share out jobs related to social media and the role of Communications Officer.

    1. Contributions to SIG newsletters

  • To be divided between committee members – to be discussed at next meeting

    1. SALON – to review the letter originally written by HC [Attachment 2], to adapt for a future newsletter that talks about us a group write a positive news item about it.

  • Agreed to wait until we have more achievements so we can then write a positive letter outlining this

  1. Actions/comments from CIfA – AL reported on actions from JPW noted at AGM (see Attachment 1) and all actions were addressed

  1. Treasurers Report [SM] – Key point: travel costs and future meetings

  • SM advised that we need to be more prudent with travel costs for future meetings to ensure we do not go over budget

  • The committee agreed meetings would start late morning and finish early afternoon so we can take advantage of cheap travel tickets. We will also try to rotate meeting locations.

  1. Groups Forum – HC confirmed she would attend on behalf of the group on Wednesday 27 January, 1.30pm to 4.30pm at Birmingham Midland Institute.

ACTION: HC report on this at next committee meeting

  1. Develop business plan

    1. See Attachment 3

    2. What measures of success? Means for evaluation of business plan

ACTION: Committee agreed at next meeting we should use majority of time to prepare the business plan and work through the conference session in detail.

ACTION: All committee members should send HC ideas about the

  1. Any other business

    1. FAME [Attachment 5]

  • Subsequent wording agreed to go in next Archaeologist magazine would be drafted by AL.

  • ACTION: Follow up with FAME by MK in HC’s absence.

  • ACTION: JF to make contact with DF to consider?

  1. Date of next meeting

4th February, CGMS offices, Birmingham, 12noon till 2pm